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The First of A Four-Part Fantasy SeriesBy Mary Coe

           ver since her parent's mysterious disappearance from the Offenheimer Farmhold, field-hand Resi Flood has spent years contemplating her escape to the western regions. However, the only escape she's managed to find is in the quiet moments when she is able to sketch from her stoop after a long day's work. But when one of her portraits is cleverly passed into the hands of the Governor of her region, Resi is recruited to be his new portrait artist and is thrust into a sinister world of high society. 

As she engages more intimately with her newfound talents than ever before, she discovers that her artistry may be linked to a mystical gifting that, if left untrained, could unleash severe harm. With a power that thrives on self-belief, Resi must overcome the shame of her past and those pulling political strings against her in order to control her power. 


Filled with adventure, magic, romance, and heart, THE ALIQUIAN is a must-read for those seeking beauty, purpose, and meaning in today's world...
The Aliquian - Paperback mockup 2_edited

Cover Illustration by Taylor Mahurin


About Mary

THE ALIQUIAN is author Mary Coe's debut novel. Her love of purpose-driven stories began on the stage. She graduated with a BFA in Musical Theatre in 2013 from the prestigious program at the University of Michigan before performing in regional and professional productions all over the country. Mary now resides in Michigan with her husband and her co-author; her curious cat, Amelia. She is currently working to complete the four-part series of THE ALIQUIAN.

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