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Where purpose and friendship met to frollick in the mountains...

In May 2023, I was introduced to a publisher for THE ALIQUIAN (shoutout to Streamline Books!). The day I signed my contract for publication, I began to receive colorful visions of a gorgeous photoshoot to match the aesthetic of Book 1 in the series... Naturally, my first thought went to my dear friend, Emily Fletke, who is a photographer based in Colorado.

Excitedly, I called her and spoke to her about this idea, and she enthusiastically agreed to help me with this endeavor. 

Emily and I became dear friends in New York City in 2014. We both lived in tiny and dungeon-like apartments around the corner from each other in Washington Heights, and we both switched career-paths around the same time; from stage performers to new areas of artistry. Emily started her photography business in the city, and I began my first draft of THE ALIQUIAN in 2016.  

I don't find it coincidental that we would link up again, almost ten years later, to support each other's businesses by collaborating on an epic shoot to help launch the start of my career as an author. I could not be more grateful to this dear friend of mine and her talents! Our goal for this shoot was to capture the heart of THE ALIQUIAN's protagonist, a young artist named Resi, that seeks for purpose and freedom in a dark and scenic fantasy-scape. 

When I look at these photos, I see light, color, shape and shadow; all aspects of artistry that speak to the very soul of Resi and her journey throughout THE ALIQUIAN. Her eye for beauty is what keeps her grounded and aligned throughout the series. When the world around her descends into chaos, she can always lean on her art to bring her stillness and peace. 

Thanks for reading and visiting this gallery! 



Emily Fletke is a Denver-based photographer. Follow this link to her website! 

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